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tv   DW News  PBS  September 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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visit] ♪ sarah: this is dw news from berlin. volkswagen's top boss says sorry. customers were tricked into thinking cars were more environmentally friendly. his job is on the line as vw's supervisory boards meet. and settling hundreds of thousands of refugees around the block. thousands are pouring in every day and many say it is not enough. and in burkina faso, the leader is not ready to surrender just yet despite an ultimatum from the army running out.
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i'm sarah kelly. welcome to the program. it has been a day of accelerating crisis for car giant volkswagen. it is facing a criminal investigation by the u.s. department of justice, a probe and a catastrophic loss of consumer confidence. chief executive martin winterkorn has apologized, but is it enough for him to keep his job? >> the omission scandal has shaken volkswagen to the core. the german carmaker is being forced to retest vehicles in asia, the u.s., and europe. it is a worst-case scenario for the company's chief executive martin winterkorn that apologized on a video on the company's website on tuesday. >> i offer my deepest apologies
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to the customers, authorities, and the public at large for misconduct. please believe me. we will do everything to clear this up and we will do our best to win back your trust step by step. >> that could take some time. 11 million cars are affected worldwide. it put aside 6.5 billion euros to deal with the consequences. they promised change. >> we will do everything we can to protect our customers and employees. i give you my word. we will do all that with a maximum of openness and transparency. >> you ruled out standing down but his future hangs in the balance.
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an emergency supervisory board meeting convened on tuesday evening and was adjourned without result until wednesday. brent: will he be allowed to stay? daniel is standing by with an expert on all of that. daniel: they just finished. it is the fate sealed? not just yet. what do we expect in the outcome of this meeting to be? >> what we hear is that he was not present at this meeting. it was the core of the supervisory board that got together tonight and probably put out some sort of a strategy for tomorrow. there will be further meetings tomorrow and on friday. friday is the determining meeting for the future of mr. winter corn.
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what we hear is the name for his successor should have been discussed, but nothing is for sure. everything is looking difficult. there is a lot going on. daniel: and how has volkswagen handled the crisis so far? >> they went is transparent as possible. volkswagen announced the figure of 11 million cars that were sold worldwide these the mission manipulations. 11 million cars is a global figure. countries announced that they will have more investigations
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going on to see if volkswagen treated or manipulated the omission figures. volkswagen has contributed some transparency but is still on the line. daniel: thank you very much. of course, the scandal has caught the attention of political decision-makers. angela merkel expects a swift and clear explanation from the company. ministers are also demanding answers including in france and italy. vw is one of the most important manufacturers in the blocks auto industry. >> possibly clean diesel waits for passengers outside the european parliament in brussels. the diesels are causing furor. the current european parliamentary member h wants to
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shield the industry from fallout. he is responsible, even if he did not know anything about it. others want to see has role. they demand berlin stop giving preferential treatment to the car industry and want to know if an exhaust and omission levels are also being manipulated. >> it is imperative the best testing methods are deployed quickly. the right way is to ensure the cars aren't tested in laboratories anymore but during test drives under proper road conditions. the commission answered a dw request for comment saying, the commission services are in contact with volkswagen to establish the details of the recent recall of the manufacturers in the u.s.. we are taking the matter very seriously. conservative specialist blame
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the commission for sleeping on the job. testing procedures are supposed to be renewed with strict parameters and more realistic conditions. i haven't seen any evidence that the commission has reached that stage yet. the scandal is usually damaging in a business that relies on a hard-won reputation for quality and trustworthiness. dano: investigations, lawsuits, and customer outrage. our men on wall street has more for us. they must be under enormous pressure right now. >> talking about possible criminal charges against the company and maybe even top managers. the whole story is still in the flow. there was not one comment mentioning that the only thing
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worse for the reputation of volkswagen would be if the company would use endangered species for their leather seats. no doubt about it. it is huge pressure at this point. >> definitely would be a wrong move if they did that now. was the reaction in the u.s.? >> people are outraged. especially people driving those vehicles and is a bit of schadenfreude going on. people are pretty surprised. it could come up with shots to him. if all the charges turn out to be true, we're talking fraud. that is not going down well with the public here in the united's dates. a friend of mine is driving an
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audi and he asked me if what happened now with the diesel engines is true for all of the vehicles. that shows you. daniel: stock and other car manufacturers have fallen. what is the story their? >> in the u.s., ford, general motors and fiat chrysler falling 6%. do people believe that other car manufacturers use similar tricks? i'm not so sure about that. it's more than the reputation of the car industry overall and especially with diesel engines. we still have to wait how this story plays out. daniel: that is all your business is for you.
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sarah has the latest on the pope's visit to the united states and cuba. brent: markussarah: he is extre. we will show you the first initial pictures. the pope has begun his first official visit to the u.s.. he arrived at andrews air force base where he was welcomed by u.s. president barack obama and his wife michelle. pope francis is due to speak before congress, the first pope to do so. he will also address the united nations. richard walker joins us from washington. >> it is a huge event. that barack obama and the first lady went to meet the pope gives you a sense of what kind of an honor he's been afforded here.
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it is a packed schedule the next few days. three cities with huge events. we're just talking to people here, talking more about the kind of traffic jams they will be facing. many government workers have been told to stay out of the city and stay at home rather than even try to come in. that's how many people are expected to flow into washington . and, you know, of course, that is a sign of what an interesting man he's become. 20% of the u.s. population is catholic. but beyond the borders of the catholic church, he really has ignited a lot of interest. sarah: is the pope going to get political on this trip?
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we are hearing there is a political dimension to all of this. sarah>> thursday is the big poll day here in washington. the pope will be making that address to the joint session of congress. it comes at a time when the state of u.s. politics, specifically conservative politics is in a state of fevered excitement at the moment over the phenomenon of donald trump dominating the race for the presidential nomination on the republican side with this sort of populist nationalism. it is fair to expect the pope's message will be somewhat different. we will see how much he challenges and goes against that prevailing view on the republican side, particularly on issues like climate change where
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he very much goes against the grain of republican policy. if he will really try to change minds and whether he will focus on preaching to the converted. sarah: he is a relatively liberal pope, we will see what the conservatives say. many of them not happy with him. millions of muslims around the world and this week marks the start of the annual religious pilgrimage kicked off in the holy city of mecca, saudi arabia. it is the pinnacle of a worshiper's spiritual journey but this year's festivities are taking place among heightened securities due to the threat of terrorism in the region >> these pilgrims come from all over the world. muslims come together in harmony, regardless of which sacked they belong to. -- sect they belong to.
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>> this is my fourth time. this one is special. it is four years after i lost my wife. i came to pray for them and find peace in my heart. >> the pilgrims walk seven times around the structure. it is considered islam's holiest site. security is tight amid ongoing terrorist threats to saudi arabia. police are concentrating their efforts on the grand mosque where he is located. 7000 cameras have been set up for surveillance to provide a very clear picture of the events on the ground including any kind of incident that may take place. earlier this month, the crane toppled over and killed over 100
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people, overshadowing preparations. sarah: we have to take a short one minute break. i'm sarah kelly. we will be right back. don't go away.
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sarah: great to have you back with us. here are your top stories. the volkswagen ceo has apologized for cheating on him missions test. but the advisory board has been meeting an emergency sessions and his job is on the line. the meeting has finished for now but will continue on wednesday. 11 million cars are affected by the scandal. despite opposition, interior ministers have pushed through a plan to relocate 120,000 migrants around europe. good news for countries like greece and italy that a bore the brunt of the influx.
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for eastern european nations opposed the plan leaving member states divided. hungary voted against the new plans today and is adamant it will not accept migrants it does not want. the country is working on extending the border fence to improve the border with another eu member, croatia. take a look. >> thousands of refugees are waiting, desperate to move on. skirmishes with the police broke out when people were temporarily barred from entering. hundreds arrived at the camp from serbia this morning. croatia is trying to bring order to the unrelenting chaos, registering the refugees one by one before they travel on. authorities continue to be overwhelmed by so many migrants. many first arrived the agree's.
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>> that is why we are sending them to hungary. >> the migrants are in an eu country. they are threatening to veto the bid to join the area as tensions over the flow of migrants escalate on both sides. the croatian political elite was dumbfounded when i said relations are at a low point. i was too optimistic. i can say our bilateral political relations are at a freezing point. these refugees are caught in the middle of shifting migration policies. they are checked one by one and hungary's order and it looks like they will be stopped completely buy a new barrier. the second stretch of barbed wire fence budapest is ordered built.
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>> border, hungary is not backing down on the hard-line approach to this. what are you seeing right now? >> it is hard to say but if i didn't see it myself, i couldn't believe it that a european country, i see families trying to put their children to sleep on the bare ground. they are queuing up again in a long line of people. trying to get inside it. there are probably 4000 people stuck in there. the conditions are stable. it there is enough food, shelter, water, but it is completely packed. we walked around the camp and behind it, people are trying to jump the barbed wire ends.
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it they want to make their own way to the west. >> it sounds like a lot of frustration there. do they share that frustration? we have seen so many countries actually implementing measures to stem the flow of these migrants. so far, croatia has not done that. are we likely to see that happen? >> they came straight from we have seen it in the report and sent a clear message that this country, he says, cannot tolerate the burden any longer. there are rumors that 8000 migrants are making their way from serbia towards the border
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which is 20 kilometers from here. this camp is completely overrunning. they can't take in more people. the authorities hope that serbia will send people directly to hungary. that is what most authorities told me. greece is the country of point of entry for refugees. there is some hope that the so-called hotspots will be a place where this huge flow of refugees can be somehow managed. sarah: it sounds like there's a lot of passing the buck where you are right there. thank you. the man who seized power and the
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calf fossa last week's to step down. the general insists he will hand over power after meetings with rest -- west african leaders on wednesday. but he has already reneged once. they're facing a challenge from the army whose soldiers are patrolling the capital and there are signs that the army has popular backing. demonstrators have welcomed its intervention with protest against the coup. earlier, our reporter was able to talk on the phone with the coup leader. this is what the general had to say about the national army arriving in the capital and if he is ready to fight. >> no, no. we don't want to fight. that is not a solution. we don't think it will help at all. we will engage in dialogue and negotiate.
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we are brothers. we have no intention of holding on to power. we're waiting for a practical plan so we can hand over power and return to our barracks. sarah: our correspondent joins us for more. >> he's trying to polish his image because he says he is peaceful but he was saying that if the presidential guard is attacked, he will strike back. he is playing with the double tongue but it's a sign of good that he did release the prime minister this morning. on the other hand, he is clearly threatening parts of burkina faso. sarah: you don't buy it, basically, what he has to say.
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there is a group of leaders coming to the capital. it will they be able to get him to step down? >> it is the last chance. on one hand, we have civil society and those that want him to resign. i spoke with one of the people i work with just before coming down to the show. he is isolated and everyone has ution.d a sol i think the first proposition is the emergency summit. there are two points that they would never accept. this is total amnesty for the coup leaders. and i think that we have to give something, some guarantees. sarah: we will see if they're
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are willing to make those compromises. there is supposed to be an election on october 11. democracy very much at stake in this country. >> maybe in october we can forget this ever happened. but they've already postponed elections to the 22nd of november. but then there are questions like what kind of elections we will have. part-time, exclusive, integrated? there are still other things to negotiate. they associate the interim president that was still under custody. i think we have really big talks and a chance to find a solution to this crisis. >> who will lead this country next is anyone's guess.
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on a lighter note, finally, pandas. they have a problem that threatens the very survival. it they are not very good at reproducing. but one has had spectacular success. meet pan pan. he's fathered a quarter of the world panda bears in captivity. and now he's the oldest male panda in captivity. it is his 30th earth day -- birthday. they say he is a heroic father in the panda world with more than 130 babies to his credit. all right, some action for you now. reigning champions battling the german cup winners. coming off the bench at halftime, scored five goals in nine minutes. pretty impressive to seal a
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stunning victory for the home side. extending their winning streak at home to nine games. scoring a double to lift them to a 2-0 victory. in the last time they faced them was 31 years ago. this time around, they came out on top thanks to a double. hamburg seems to be recovering from the delegation. scoring with three minutes to go to secure the lead.
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>> euromaxx highlights. host: hi there and welcome to our highlights edition. glad you could join us. let's have a look at what's in the pipeline today. glamour girls. tire maker pirelli puts out a collector's edition. copenhagen by bike. a bicycle tour through the danish capitol. buena vista. we visit a unique holiday home on the island of lanzarote. it's a fact of life that sex sells. and since 1964 that's been the underlying marketing ploy behind the famous pirelli calendar. the italian tire maker has always hired the most famous photographers and most beautiful


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